Bench & personal care

First of all, slings are unique with respect to test the functional control and strength. This means that your options which processes to see weaklinks (weakness), and dysfunctions of the movement patterns will in many situations be optimized by using slings as a part of your testing of the patient.

Many people suffer from pain in the neck, shoulder, back and pelvis. For some it develops into chronic pain conditions. Here, training or treatment with slings be a great help for many who would not have been able to help.

Research shows that several chronic muscle related pain conditions arise because the brain does not get sent enough signals to a specific muscle, because this signal flow entirely or partly ceased. This can result in an inappropriate pattern and thus misuse of muscle. Over time this can cause painful and in worst cases, have debilitating consequences. Recent research suggests that exercise of the interaction between the deep stabilizing muscles and the utter, superficial muscles have a significant impact in relation to the more muscular and neuromuscular pain problems.

In relation to the treatment of injuries and chronic pain patients may be central to create functional patterns of movement which are adapted to strengthen point of the individual patient. Slings can therefore advantageously be used to facilitate relieving mobilization exercises because the loops makes it possible to support the patient for the duration of the desired movement surface / exercise. If you want the resistance during exercise, this can easily be adapted to the individual. This because slyngtræning / treatment based on using the individual patient's body as resistance from a combination of a biomechanical understanding and weight arms principles.


Rail System REHAB Manual is specifically designed to treat the bench. Using the sliding system treats REHAB SLIDE moved The sling pivot easily to the desired treatment areas. This is especially important for patients who have not been able to work out in the standing position and wherein the additional support required during treatment of the unit. You can add more REHAB SLIDE to each REHAB profile.


With the Rehab system will be dealing experience a new world of possibilities. Loops can advantageously be used to support the manual processing by acting as the optional third hand. The custom-designed slings Head, Fly and Narrowsling can be used to create a sense of security and control for both patient and therapist during the treatment itself. This can be especially for patients with neck and shoulders patients be crucial for obtaining a necessary effect.

Let rehab system will be part of your treatment and optimize your everyday dealing both with our patients and for yourself.