Jungle Sports Studio

Jungle Sports Studio is a center where we offer physical therapy, personal training, group training and education in one place.

A thorough physical therapy evaluation and treatment.
Adapted training for your personal level, regardless of age and goals.
A stress-free environment where we always bring enough time for you and your needs.
Training optimization and guidance customized to you or your sports club.
Group training with certified physiotherapist, where all exercises adapted to each participant for safe and effective training.
Possibility of self training in our new and modern premises.
Professional training guide in slings, tailored to your individual level.
Access to all of Jungle Sports sling equipment and other functional training equipment.

In Jungle Sports is working from the model we call PEM ™ which stands for Physio Educativ Model. Definition of PEM ™: "The ability to stimulate and strengthen the muscular - and neuromuscular system through theoretical knowledge and motor learning, so as to achieve optimal quality of motion."

In other words, we have a strong focus on to stimulate and strengthen the muscular and neuromuscular system so as to achieve a favorable balance of power and ensemble. This is central to the work of both treatment and training optimization. To ensure the best possible basis for a treatment training is an individual mapping / test a very important basis. Here comes time a central role and therefore our treatments based on 60 min.

Fysioterapi - Jungle Sports Fredericia tilbyder fysioterapi til privatkunder, virksomheder, idrætsforeninger og andre der har behov for det.PHYSIOTHERAPY
Jungle Sports Studio offers physiotherapy to private customers, businesses, sports organizations and others who need it. With us start the process with a thorough examination and a clinical examination. The study includes a medical history, a detailed motion analysis, weak-link testing and other specific tests. This in the context of the patient's life situation, wishes and goals form the basis for the way forward.

Time is a key word and that's why we always put enough time for the patient. We appreciate greatly the importance of quality, monitoring and customization for maximum benefits during the course of treatment.

Often the way to the goal adapted physical training in combination with manual processing. Our physiotherapists will make sure you get the right papers. We use several treatment strategies such as suspension training and functional training, manual techniques and needling.

Holdtræning - Vi tilbyder forskellige specifikke programmer indenfor styrke, senior, graviditet, barsel, stærk ryg, basistræning m.m.GROUP TRAINING

We offer various specific programs within the force, senior, pregnancy, childbirth, strong back, base training, etc. Read more about our teams including: We offer various specific programs within the force, senior, pregnancy, childbirth, strong back, base training, etc. There will continuously offered teams as needed and demand and sport specific programs postseason. Read more about some of our team below:

Jungle Senior
Jungle Power
Neck & Shoulder
pregnancy Hold
maternity Hold
strong Back
Hip, Knee & Core

We have special competence in functional training and mapping of the interaction between the muscular and neuromuscular system.

Personality and sport-specific training
For us, training is primarily about feeling comfortable in her own body. We have special competence in functional training and with us you can close and individual follow-up and organization. You can also choose to train in teams or alone. All of our team is based on that one gets his presentation customized, even if you train jointly with others. Whether you want to complete a marathon, improving your self-esteem, get inspiration for training or just want to get in better shape, we are ready to help you!

At Jungle Sports Studio allows you to optimize your workout everyday. This applies to both elite athlete as well as joggers. Our intention is to help you to be trained well enough to cope with training. We call also basic training or basic training. By training specifically on the basic properties that are a prerequisite for the sport, will be able to raise the quality of its training and increase tolerability of the load. This gives you a greater effect and increases the chances of reaching your goal.