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The perfect tool for bench treatment.

REHAB Manual is specifically designed to treat the bench.

Rehab Manual is made of a unique design and quality where, by means of the moving bracket can simply move the suspension arrangements for the desired treatment areas. This is especially important for patients who have not been able to work out in the standing position and wherein the additional support required during treatment of the unit.

REHAB Manual adjustable single and rapid manually via our quick release and lock system. With REHAB Manual, you also have the option to install additional treatment systems REHAB SLIDE.

With this package you get as a customer a discount on the optimal rehab package where you do not get to compromise on choice of treatment variations.

Package contents:

  • 1 piece Box 3m
  • 1 piece Pulley
  • 1 set Bungee Easy
  • 1 set Bungee Medium
  • 1 set Strap long
  • 1 set Strap short
  • 1 piece Head
  • 1 set Narrowsling
  • 1 set Lock
  • 2 pcs. Fly

Collections: 2 - Professional

Type: Profile

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